Friday, July 26, 2013

In the News

There's a lot to update here, as the last several months have been anything but dull.  I wasn't maintaining "blog silence" on purpose: accessibility issues were getting in the way!  However, today they seem to have resolved, for now, and I'm delighted to make this post to say that I'm in the news!

Certainly when I was in the hospital and in rehab I wouldn't have imagined joking publicly about my situation... though also certainly I shared some belly laughs with the good folks in Salt Lake and in Boston who were connected to my care.  Even a year ago, fresh out of the hospital and trying to settle into a new life, if someone had said I'd be "doing comedy" about losing my limbs, I'd have dismissed the idea.  And yet... here I am now, doing comedy, and planning to do more!

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