Friday, September 21, 2012

A Call to Arms

Since returning to Boston in late January, I've been told by several close friends that I need to be more upfront and less coy about asking for help.  While "help" doesn't need to be a euphemism for money, in this case money is of crucial importance: with medical expenses, the costs of furnishings and renovations to make the new apartment accessible and useable, and countless other items, I'm facing a huge outlay; and at the same time I'm now facing a low income based on Social Security Disability.  (Kids, don't lose your limbs!)

I'm hoping to raise, somehow, about eighty thousand dollars for current and imminent projects, purchases, and services.  To me, that is a big number; and I have no idea what my future needs might be.  It's staggering.  I owe deep thanks to everyone -- friends, family, colleagues, students, strangers -- who have already contributed: your support has been incredible.  Please spread the word to your friends, neighbors, and anyone else in your communities who might be able to help: I've added a "donate" link to the blog that goes to the official donation site.  (I'm not aware of fraudulent "Will Lautzenheiser Fund" sites, but I suppose low, unscrupulous people could make one.)  Gifts small and large are welcome!

There have been many people who have helped too with food, errands, visits, housework, moving....  We still need such help!  In the next few weeks, we expect major renovations to the kitchen -- anyone who'd be able to contribute a meal, it would be much appreciated.

Finally, if I haven't yet gotten back to you about an offer of help, please be patient with me: I'm still a little overwhelmed.

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