Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy Landscape

View 2 by gratefulwill
View 2, a photo by gratefulwill on Flickr.

Angel also took this picture of the view outside the window of room 23, which has been my home for about 135 days now. The changing look of the mountains has been to me what perhaps the haystacks were to Monet.


  1. That is a beautiful picture. I love Monet series of haystacks. I'm sorry I didn't get chance to come up this last week. I will be dropping by Monday to visit with you. I hope Professor Fitzgerald's visit was wonderful. He seemed very kind when I had the short opportunity to meet with him while giving him a ride from the Guest House to the hospital.

    Talk soon.

  2. Will, beautiful picture. Years ago I worked at a factory and for 21 minutes every mid-morning for 6 months I went on the same walk. It was amazing to observe the cross section over that time and I noticed things that no other human in that solitary path observed.

    How is Dragon Dictate working for you? I bought a copy a few months ago myself but haven't used it much although a test run was rather mind blowing.

  3. What scenes, Will. I have the girls doing a series of paintings of the mountainscape and will send you the results. And as a further sign of solidarity, while I'm supervising this work I'm imbibing Wasatch beer. Their motto: "still drinking our share and selling the rest." The local packie did not have their "Polygamy Porter" (seriously) in stock, so it's 1st Amendment Lager tonight. Here's to you.