Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Ball Takes Another Bounce

While I certainly had trepidation, even dread, about the surgery on Tuesday to amputate my left knee, the dozens and dozens of messages of support that I received from all of you, my friends, carried me into it with relative good cheer and energy: thanks. (I was also much helped by Jen and Eduardo, dear friends from the Burn Unit, who visited with me up to the time I went into the OR.) The operation went well; however, post-surgical pain, something that also accompanied the patellectomies, has rather thrown me for the past forty-eight hours. I am glad to say that, while initially I understood what a spiral-sliced ham must feel like, my leg pain has lately subsided somewhat. This easing off has allowed me to appreciate the presence of another dear friend, Prof. Fitzgerald, who arrived yesterday. Lucky him (ha ha), as he will get to see me through yet another surgery tomorrow: certain areas of my legs require auto-grafting, the placement of my own skin over open wounds. If tomorrow's surgery is a success, I will only need to heal before heading on to Boston for rehabilitation. Let us hope, therefore, that it will be my last operation.

One other thing: let us also hope that if the timing of my healing allows it, I might be able to attend a Sundance screening in Salt Lake City! (This time, I'll either avoid the trolley system or go to an afternoon screening!)


  1. Hello Will -

    My name is Dane. I'm a friend of Nicole Lanza. She shared your blog with me because I recently started a blog called Grateful Brand ( I'm 25, living in Los Angeles, working hard to simply find my way in this world, but I have found that being grateful, even when it seems almost impossible at times, is crucial to my success and ultimate survival.

    I have never faced a challenge even remotely close to what you have endured, which really puts things in perspective. Your courage is inspiring and, with your permission, I would like to write about you on Grateful Brand.

    Either way, I will be following your progress, sending you loads of positive energy and hoping with all my might that you make it to Sundance.

    You're an amazing human being, Will. So glad Nicole shared your blog with me.



    1. Dear Dane,

      Thanks for your very kind comments. Feel free, please, to share my blog, or what you wish about me, on Grateful Brand. I agree that gratitude goes a long way in positive thought -- it helps with fortitude, says my cousin Margaret.

      All best wishes,


    2. Hey man,

      You're on Grateful Brand.

      Thanks again for allowing me to share your story through my own site. If I ever have the privilege of meeting you in person, I'd like to buy you a beer and thank you for letting the world in. If for any reason you want to email me directly, my address is (it forwards to my personal).


  2. Keep doing what you're doing, my friend. Enjoy Sundance, if possible, but I look forward to having you back on the East Coast. A visit is definitely in order :)

    - Jack