Thursday, June 18, 2015


In my previous post, in September 2014, I wrote about being listed for arm-transplant surgery. "The Call" came in October, and since then, with recovery and rehabilitation, I have been hard at work. It has been an incredible and positively transformative experience, and I have been greatly helped through all the new challenges by Angel, my family, and many, many friends. We're especially appreciative of all the healthy, restorative meals that people brought (give me lentils and sweet potato every day!) and indeed continue to bring! We are so fortunate!

In November, right before Thanksgiving, we held a press conference at Brigham and Women's Hospital to announce the surgery. It was wonderful to embody the "Grateful Will" spirit so publicly, especially to thank the donor family, who remain anonymous to me. At the conference, I grabbed the chance to hug Angel with my new arms!

To see some of my progress in the eight-or-so months since my surgery, you just have to look at a video recently shot by Meghan Frank and George Itzhak of NBC:

A Restoration

I'm very glad that so many people are inspired by my story -- I hope that it will inspire people to be listed as organ donors!

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