Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Claus Pretend

  by gratefulwill
, a photo by gratefulwill on Flickr.

It's somewhat quiet in the Burn Center ICU tonight, which is good, as it allows the singing of the carolers down the hall to come through clearly. Gloria in Excelsis Deo.


  1. That's lovely. We went to church tonight and we sang so many carols I love: "Angels We Have Heard On High" (as you heard), "What Child Is This", "O Holy Night".
    The girls put up John's long socks for their stockings. He tried to read aloud for you on iMovie but we're trying to figure out how to send it (maybe via something like "Rapidshare". If you have any guidance let me know. He's been wanting to read for you.
    Many hugs and know that many people are thinking of you and miss you.


  2. Will, it makes me really happy to imagine how quiet it might get in order for you to hear the carolers down the hall. When it's Christmas, even though I wasn't brought up celebrating it, but I did attend an American School (out in Abu Dhabi) K-12l, so (sorry for this mini-explanation) but to bring back that time as a kid when our librarian, Mrs. Hackworth, showed us a little animated movie called "The Snowman," introduced by none other than David Bowie (in the movie, of course), I revisit that time annually by watching this adventurous Christmas tale today (now YouTube link):

    Merry Jolly Christmas!

    Brother Khawaja

  3. Thinking of you on this Christmas. Sending love and wishing peace and small joys. xoxo -N.

  4. I love you, my dear, today and always.

  5. Happy Holidays Will. It's great to see you doing better!


  6. Hey man, it's certainly a look. I'm pleased to see the familiar energy in those eyes. I hope the last days of December treat you well. Raised a glass your way, over the holidays ... will raise a glass again, come New Year's Eve. My best to you and yours. — James

  7. So listen. I realize you've been under a great deal of stress these last several months, and I realize that I haven't been the world's greatest correspondent over the years. That said, I refuse to believe that you are both smiling _and_ wearing a Santa hat. Who are you and what have you done with Will?! It's like up is down and chocolate is blue! It's like it's like it's like--well, insert some incongruous pair of somethings and that's what it's like, damn it.