Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letters & Emails

Dear friends, colleagues, and family of Will -

When devastating illness strikes like a bolt from the blue, an important factor in the outcome is the afflicted person's attitude.  You all have played a significant role in bolstering Will's spirits over the past weeks by sending cards, e-mails, and other communications, which have all been shared with Will as his body begins something of a physical recovery, and Will is grateful for your support from the deepest part of his heart.  I believe that we are now transitioning into what I hope is a stable/improving phase of this crisis, so I write to update you on Will's condition, and to ask you to continue to keep Will in your thoughts, sending good energy in his direction by whatever medium you favor.  You can send Will e-mails directly via the University Hospital website at, or you can send a physical note to him care of the hospital at:

University of Utah Hospital
50 Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84132

All of the e-mails that come in to Will via the Hospital are printed and delivered to him every few days by the customer service folks. He reads each one and all are very much appreciated.

Knitted mouse from Samantha keeps Will company.

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